Free travelling

Free travelling
Uploaded on Nov 16, 2010

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love it

Upvote for squire bro

Not enough Loopy Shwoopy arms, did not read.

Didn't read. LoL.

Brotip; Use infinite monies and gumgum slaves for building.


too long to read

i liked it

that is ****ing clever

good i guess

could be better

maybe more loopy shwoopy arms could help

unfunny filler

you should have drawed a pic that shows how you can fly upwards in your tunnel, other than that this was pretty nice, it works aswell, i've tried it

this is an idea that would work! it is not troll science! delete it!

tl:read anyway.

TOO MUCH WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like dick

250th troll

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