Magnet Projectile

Magnet Projectile
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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Speed of magnets!

@ Over 9000, that guy is totally jelly

damn. I thought this was a pic without any comments using the word "jelly"

The Game

Wouldn't the other magnet attract the metal, not the other way around?

wut is this i dont even...

@#22466 No, as the metal is being magnetized to have the same poles as the magnets. Alike poles repel. Therefore, the two magnets repelling the two sides would keep the metal object held in the same place, while building up force. By removing one magnet, you remove the force holding it back from that direction, letting the built up force accelerate to the speed of magnets.

u mad blankendahl?

actually there is a magnet projectile weapon, it works and it is fucking epic! It is called a magnetic accelerator!

idiot above. its a rail gun. it works the same way as thoes mag-lev trains. read a book. stop spam. prevent aids. feed the poor. get a job. become super troll.

idiot above. keep spamming, send aids back to africa, take food from the poor, steal money from people with jobs. become SUPER TROLL..... problem fag?

That acualy works , you b****ing troll

Well thanks to this I'm no longer black. Thank you, troll science!

F**kin magnets; how do they work???

Magnetism is just a theory. So they don't.


this is roughly how gaussian guns work

that's a rail gun isn't it?



with bullets perfect for hitting terrorists

Speed of magnets is infinite. Metal object would disappear

(In a war of trolls vs. ragefaces) "Okay, now give the teammates the magnets." "On it, Pineapple." (The troll guy rushes to give the magnets to the teammates.) "Good. Now, what I need you to do is place a metal bar in between the magnets so that it hovers." "Okay, Pineapple." (Rushes to grab the metal and makes it hover in between the magnets) "FIRE NOW!" "Got it, Pineapple!" (What follows that is the ragefaces raging that they haven't come up with the idea themselves.)

The metal won't stay unless it's iron. Even if it did, you can't just slide it off because it will either be stukc or slide out due to repelling.

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