titanic awesomeness

titanic awesomeness
Uploaded on Jun 29, 2012
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first u mad ?

no comments under this mo-fo line u mad bros?

Whats the big deal with peeing in the shower? Fair enough if it was in the bath, but I think everyone pees in the shower.
I didn't used to pee in the shower, and then I thought "I masturbate in the shower so why don't I piss in it?"
I also like to shit in showers, it's easy you just gotta mash it down with your heel.


Here comes the FAIL truck

Safety First !!
U MAD, #73820 ?


Yo dawg, I heard you like the Titanic...

brotip: Use magnets for faster building

@#73824 cool story bro... you are still gay


after the hit use magnet on bottom titanic for faster sink.

Im eating tomacco

use magnets to keep titanics joined.
use magnetz for iceberg melting.
use magnets for faster Titanic travel.
use magnets to adquire magnets.
use magnets to steal bros.
use magnets for faster adquirin'/stealin'.
use magnets for moar magnetic magnets.
use magnets for faster magnet using.
use magnets for more bro. tips.

use magnets to shut up mah mouth


I got a nice golden retriever and it fukz me all the time. I strip off and shake my nude, well-cleaned ass for it and start strecthing miy cheeks whilst fapping. (In my bedroom on the carpet.) i look back and see it gettung a nice, purple-red stiff. It stands right behind getting its cok unsheathed so I roll it over and jack it. I see water and juices start to cum out and gently lick the liquids off. I then let it stand up and go back to my forward-kneeling pose...

I look back again, and notice now its a tad shaky on its feet and its cok is dripping premature pleasure water. It walks up and I look down neutrally. Its paws grab my ribs and it rubs its sticky, hot thing on me. it strains to penetrate from the horniness-induced size and shape.
But then my ass expands, and something hits my insides. I get horneh and start fapping lightly...

A rhythm starts and it pants. I jizz pre-gasm and love the smacking.
It puts it aalll the way in and pulses..
I feel gloopy and get warmth shivers, and I cum as well. After that I put my head under it and lick every post-gasm bit off, whilst tickling its balls...

who is dan and where does he get these stories from? is he mr wtf's disciple?

@#73865 You're enough schizophrenic to be the disciple of yourself ? Nice one.
The second titanic will impale itself on the chimneys of the first one. When you'll put it on water it will sink too.
Problem trollfag?
Kinxil, floating trollbuster.


@#73821 umadbro?


use magnets to steal mr wtf histories

@#73877 you a fag bro

#73859 what a... erm.... nice story o.O

#73877 excuse me sir, but you are very jelly

The titanic creashed into the iceberg because it tried to
turn away from it. Therefore, if you drove the titanic towards said iceberg, it would not crash.

dan make more stories bro

This may seem to work, but here are the questions:
1) How do you get all the passengers on the top Titanic?
2) How do you go back in time to build a second Titanic on top of the original in the first place?
3) How do you build a second Titanic in time?

@KirbyStarWarrior watch comics to make a time machine
and use magnets :/

Stay in Dream Land!

Icebergs will go bankrupt!

You're all idiots. That course of action would be too expensive and ineffective.

LAST !!!11!11!1


Dan who the freak all u and ur nasty but hot lol

just burn the fucking iceberg and tada! problem solved

@#73824 but peeing in the shower feels soooooooooo good.

the worst

Me too@#73842

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