Summer Ski!

Summer Ski!
Uploaded on Jul 2, 2012

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FIRST? meh not so important anymore....
comics these days suck...please make better ones! lets bring back trollscience :D

SECOND, and is the first time i come here, lol

i moderated this


U jelly Al Gore?

@#73939 yeah.
its repost!!!

all above line is jelly
line also is anti jelly shield

pipivagina mit aarsch


Steal solar panels

@#74026 or start a spamming company

And please, would you be cool enough to say where you find the water?
Problem Trollfag?
Kinxil, cool trollbuster.

@#74091 pipivagina

#74091 your sink

Jelly shield. anyone below me is jelly. Anyone above me is a horse. U mad, commenters? Trollscience will go bankrupt.

What if all this stuff ACTUALLY worked? Our lives would be a hell of a lot easier that way. This is so logical.

Shut up and have a gourmet race!


Every one above me is jelly
Every one below me is jelly
Every one reading this is jelly
Every one whos name starts with s is dumbfuck asshole

one million dicks in my anus

#76338 You offend me. Now I will kill you, but I'm not going to get caught because I'm not a human.

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