Troll in peace Ed.

Troll in peace Ed.
Uploaded on Jun 14, 2012
Uploader: VincenTroll

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FIRST! Second is jelly

@#73115 ur a fag


Look at my name

@#73127 Hey Dis_iz_spam, do you really find joy in posting useless messages?

@#73127 In my eays theyre not useless, but other fags seem to think so. :) <3 you Dis :)

His face looks familiar


Thought it was funny
Downvoted 'cause not troll science
Also everyone on this page is jelly inc. me

How dare you disrespect Mr. Mrololo, damn spammers?!

im in a dillema should i vote down cause i dont like he died or vote up since this is so you can pay your respectz to the troll god

Also, the flag button should be renamed to fag. Still won't be enough to resusscitate Trollscience...

@#73131 newfag being an impersonator

You guys are so insensitive!!!! This guy actually died..

@#73192 ur phat

@#73198 ur anorexik

Safety First ya jelly motherfuckers?

@#73192 newfag being an impersonator


hilly, put the kettle on , kettle on , kettle on
hilly, put the kettle on , put it on N OW

u jelly , oh your def jelly@#73228


Goodnight, sweet prince.

Wait, no moment of silence for our dead hero? You monsters.

@#73249 is right,SHOW SOME RESPECT

@#73259 be quiet bitch.

this legend has left our world...(this is a very late post but still a post nonetheless) yet Dis_iz_spam, you disrespect him with spam....may he send you to rot in hell forever.

I can't believe it!! this site is as dead as me!

We are sorry, to here that.
In a troll topic, you still live on the internet.
So this site is Still Alive

I just replied to get to the bottom@#73181

but why does everyone call this guy a troll?

Spammer U Jelly?

#73334 cause he sang trololololol


Rest in peace, brah.


I see what you did there...

@#73460 Oh no you didn't...

all who write above me is a gay
u jello?
.:: problem above me writers? ;;.

@#73503 Correction:
all who WROTE above me ARE gay
u mad, brah???


Yo, i'm at McDonalds and i'm having a blast eating babies. A woman had a stroke because I ate her big mac and she's mad because she's very jelly about my fat belly. Baby, ooooh, yeah baby yeah, ooooh eeeh aaaaawwww fuck yeah!!! Mhmhmhmhmhmhm.... U JELLY?
Nagm nagm nagm hmmmmmmmmmm.....

@Fat guy: Dude it was clearly not a stroke, I just fainted becuz you're so fat that I almost died laughing lol u mad brah?

We need a new leader.


Godspeed, Ed.

@#73179 O rly?

#73128 Argh! The endless comment!

i eat poo...PROBLEM?


I was first to comment all you others are just baddies. and trolololololo

Now he's trolling god in paradise :'(


DomBB should be our leader

DomBB is a noob

@#74531 What an asshole :( rascist prick

His comeback was the very death of the man we used to know!

Every Troll miss you and love you Ed

all above and below are jellyfags


trolololollololollololooo trololololooolo, trololololollololololoolo, trololo, trollolo,


Trollo in peace Ed. You will be missed.

Troll in peace /b/ro.

@#74526 i hope u step on a lego


@#73115 is jelly. Trollolo

@#73128 Loop! :D

I'm not dead! I faked my death!

Eduard Khil is a talentless, terrible singer who is really the only person every troll loves. I wish he could go jump into a pit full of snakes. Thank Jesus he's dead.

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