Live Forever

Live Forever
Uploaded on May 21, 2012
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second! anyone above or below these lines is jelly!

lololololololololololololoololololol 2nd you mad?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!
Yeah u mad

THIRD U JELLY BITCHEZ!>>!>!!!?!?!?!?!??fsjdgksfhjgkfdkgjhjskj

Forth motherfucker

@#71527 fapped.

Super saiyans cant be jelly everybody above and below this comment is jelly of my awesomeness



1. This won't work cuz the death note isn't real -__-
2. It would cost a lot of money to get eye surgery
Death note <3


@#71544 Sorry, but i think she is really busy down here, you know..... between my thighs

So Dis_iz_spam is like a Trollscience Slut??, well thats ok, we needed a bitch around here anyways

@#71549 I'm gonna piss in your pussy while biting your nipples

@#71551 Meanwhile, she's gonna gag on my 8 inch big, fat, hot, red boner and her face will be full with her saliva and my cum and i gonna make her drink it all

@#71552 Im in for the gang bang, i will poke her ass with the tip of my dick and gonna use some of her spit to lube down there and make her ride me hard, very hard and fast


@#71556 After all of us have had our fun with you, i will make sure you drown on our piss darling, and of course, you will likely be playing some sort of sex russian roulette, since no one will know who is gonna impregnate you with all the dozens of cum drooling out of your cunt :)

Wow, that bitch really was asking for it, just like all the women in the world, world full of fucking dirty cumpdumpsters slutty bitches just waiting to get their pussies pounded hard

last XD

@#71521 look fuck you

umad ujelly hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Twilight is the best movie EVER!! Avengerfags will be jelly

Lol, when this site became a erotic story shit? i thought this was supposed to be about fake science

TrollScience comment section is hereby childporn!

@#71573 Lol, how do you know that girl is a child or even the others??


@#71575 Those raep stories really turn me on, why dont we go to a private chat lass?


Trolled troll is trolled

@#71579 Come on, we can have a wonderful time you know


I would love to have a conference with those people frequenting TrollScience regularly.

a skype-conference of course.

@#71588 Ponyhole, pls

i'm going to shit on your nipples.

@#71590 And i´m going to pee inside her holes

or you could just write your own name in the book. put something like "july 4, year 4023 : dies of a heart attack."

this faggot called "Diz is spam" really needs to learn the difference between trolling and being a dick to everyone.

@#71594 The guy on top of me.
It's Dis_iz_spam not Diz is spam

@#71595 Cmon baby, i'm just prepared, i put some sexy music, i brought some champagne, some nice ligthing, and my big and soft couch is waiting for both of us, i even shaved myself, and i got that sweet lube you like so much, wadda ya say huh?

@#71595 Damn this bitch is craving for some!!

@#71595 And don't worry bb, if you're not what i was waiting for, we still could have some fun, if you know what i mean :), im always curious...

@#71594 exactly what i think; this has nothing to do with trolling.

Justin Bieber is my god, i fuck him everyday, i like it so much, i dumped my gf for that and i certainly do not regret it! Bieber 5ever!!!!!

@#71610 Bb pls, i almost brak your cervits today with my boner regards joston buober

@#71608 Biatch, whatcha doin' out of da kitchen?? u shoul be cookin r`cleanin or worshipin ma dick fuckin slut

@#71558 Somebody will get brutally raped tonight...

So i've been fapping twice everyday for like 2 weeks now. my foreskin is sore as shit and I feel like my balls are gonna fall off. I can't stop jerking off. LOL

@#71632 "I've jacked up until I bleed. So what, so what. So what, so what you boring little cunt"

@#71632 i dont have a foreskin. u mad?

@#71635 She liks how i slap her little limp ting with ma bigga fucker and leav it sore for days an den i fuck her ass and she needs to use wheelchair for weeks

@#71632 mr wtf can you tell us that story again, where you compared your dick with your cousins? where that purple whing came out? that one was really disturbing.

*purple thing

When I was around 3 or 4 years old, my cousin and I showed each other our penises to decide whose was the "grossest". Naturally I thought his, he thought mine.
On that fateful day, as he was showing me his little penis, he squeezed it and a purple ball emerged, kind of like the skin underneath a frog when it croaks, it was a sort of purple veiny inflatable membrane. I thought nothing of it at the time, since it was the first penis I saw.

@#71647 I was raped

@#71647 thanks bro, you rock.

@#71648 Rly? did you liked it? tell me moar...

above this line is jelly!
and below this line is jelly!

Superb-uber-ovr-9069max -puberal-proof -sexy jellitan shield of jelly shields! Can not be surpassed by Any weapons of mass faggotry! (WMF)including USAS-12g Frags, FAMAS, AEK971, M29 Dart, or any weapons used by 6-12 year-olds! Also all jelly deflected will be bottled and sold for max pr0rn/profit! Suk on my M-M-M-M-MEGA D/CKZ Bronie-bonerfagz! NOw EVeROne iZ JEllyZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡!!¡!!!!¡¡¡11111!!!!!!¡!¡¡¡¡!!!!!0ne!!!!!!111Onehundred!!!!!!!¡ P.z. Gamer tag is:
A Caustic Troll

<a href="">Cool Story Bro</a>

This one tima, me and my buddy Keith, we wuz 69' ing. But ah diddun know he had duh infecshun.

Me cago en vuestra puta madre. Poned páginas en español, coño.

Did you see those putrid bastards trying to run away from the fireworks? It was awesome seeing all those dismembered torsos being flung around as the buildings came crashing down.


Dis iz spam has stollen my troll heart :0....... *calls cops* hello le cops?

Once, as I was in a bathroom at my local library, I decided to choke one out before leaving, so I started, and then someone came in to the bathroom, so I freak out, let my penis go, sit as is it never happened. He finishes up pissin, and right before he walks out he says "Have fun in there!" Awkward.jpg

the person's name written in katakana there killed me T^T anyone haz cake?
(kira btw incase no one understood it)


is the death note nesseray

ur just jelly of my infinate life swag

I'm jelly.

I like to be eaten.

write my name for paradox!

@#71668 just got killed by FREAKING BUSTER SWORD.

"Light Yagami tried to swim in lava"

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