Pedo Troll

Pedo Troll
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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Stolen of, and no credit... Copyright monster will eat you.

that's sweet...

i thought he was in prison

Randall Munroe is a creepy fucker

I will ban u all for poasting in this copyright corrupt paige. Also the game.


wtf is this!?
i want science and magnets!
not fagsongs and shit!


Now real Troll Science:
Step 1: Gather as many Anons as possible.
Step 2: Everyone spin counter-clockwise.
Step 3: Time freezes.
Step 4: SCIENCE.

bet he's turning the wrong way

@ #29695 Step.5 Profit

guess you don't get the math jokes. u butthurt?

hes turning the other way this time? i dont even.

there are 2 men in this picture

bitch you crazy

this works. evry year the days seam longer than the last. FU I HAVE TO STAY IN SCHOOL FOR A TOTAL OF AN EXTRA HOUR WORTH OF TIME.

The amount of time spent spinning counter clockwise could have been spent with the child. Le Troll is only robbing himself of quality time with Junior, there.

^ i lol'd

Troll Science is science you wish was true, so you want something scientific to give you a little more time with children?

I know I do.

bit late there

most romantic trolling ever.

i wish this was true

the time you spend spinning you cound of been doing other... more fun things, in the long run you are wasteing time and getting dizzy


idk if this is cute or very pedo...

shame its nicked off xkcd really

@#595 it is. just so tiny a difference you wont even notice

@#3819 If you don't notice, then you're old

ooooh <3

What is this I don't even

**** xkcd "lol i have a girlfred u jelly virginfags?"

This is too good to be true....

Pretty creepy drawing and message... ._.

You cant steals from xkcd douchefag!

Funny, but doesn't have anything to do with pedo. Try looking at original, stealerfag

Randall Monroe is sexyfag with gurlz

Well that's really original, you just aqired it from xkcd

you stole it from xkcd you are gonna be eaten by copyright monster

@#5726 thanks for mentioning the site!! forgot its name

@#17776 ya riet nubcaik i am bettr admin and i ban U for adnim abus


@#40 *you are banned*

I have spun counterclockwise and nothing happened except I got very dizzy.

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