Money Mirror

Money Mirror
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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700 x 112 x


Put money between two mirrors. Infinity money.



Money companies will go bankrupt!
Umad national treasuries?
U jelly poorfags?

What about the mirror clone stealin all your cash?

this site should be called trollopedia

FIRST! all above is jelly


screw the haters on facepunch..i love this pic


hold money in room with mirrors on all sides... instant infinite moneyz

well, thanx to this I'm no longer black. Thank you troll science

wouldn't work. you can't reach into the mirror and grab the money. it's essentially trapped in the mirror.

To the guy above me
Bring a mirror to the bank
Deposit monniez
Rinse, repeat

Ooh they finally have one with wiggly squiggle arms :D

See many kids these days believe this, but it's not true. Science is an adventure isn't it?

use the double money to buy another mirror, place the mirror in front of the first mirror.

infite money


That mirror version of me is one greedy bastard, though!

over 9000!

Cut on perforated line
Then goie in a hole

Makes no sense
Everyone else is jelly and only I am first.

What happens when people ask about the fact that your money is printed backwards

Mirror breakers will go bankrupt, poorfags without mirror is already bankrupt but will go more bankrupt. Mirror making companies will thrive. Gumgum will be jelly.

1) double yourself.
2) double yourself doubling yourself.
3) double yourself doubling yourself each time you double yourself.
4) repeat for infinite army.
5) the game.

Zach King


Insert Zach King joke

That doesn't work. It won't be more money; it will only be a reflection, therefore you can't get it out.

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