Infinite foods

Infinite foods
Uploaded on Nov 12, 2010

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@theMG i voted ya down.

You mad, poverty?

Problem? Marie Antoinette?

Loving panel 2

Oh noez! We will goze bankru

O look at tht we is now bankrupt

Someone should show this to Ban Ki-moon

I'm having trouble with panel #2; it's hard to do.

That doesn't even work in Troll Logic! You'll just unmix the yeast back out of the cake mix!
Plus, no magnets

And so world hunger is solved.

I can think of better ways to use this. INFINITY FOOD FIGHT!

I made this


Let them eat cake!

Nope, this won't work because the cake is a lie.

First.. No1 sed! U jelly, yes cuz all above and below are jelly

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