How to Fix US Economy

How to Fix US Economy
Uploaded on Nov 26, 2011
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Economists actually predict this type of thing will happen.

Who wants US to survive this crisis? DESTROY IT WITH FIRE AND MAGNETS!!!!1111!



Not a chance, US account balance is lowest with -560 billion and China's is at the top with 270 billion. Jelly? Source:

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us cant be in bankrupt. just cause people who decide who is bankrupt live there. its true, you can check it. (u mad rest of the world?)

In Fact As i Study How The Factories From Other Countryes Work US Would Have More Works But All The Money Would Go To China So US Would Go Bankrupt

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China is actually earning enough money to, when it will have it realy value, build a lot of ship and do companies to America with only chinese working, after the invade. Doing nothing in america, you'll vanish to them.
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when the factories placed in US
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