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Uploaded on Nov 10, 2011
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First, u jelly jellyfags?

@#60106 obviously, jellyfags are jelly
and repost is repost
and i am the one and only

u puddi?

U PUDDING?/?????/?KLJ????

Finally an original comic !
Also all above le line is jelly


This isn't the jelly you are looking for



LUBRICATION = Not Required
This is similar to technique # 30 on this site, but it requires more acrobatics.
This technique is an advanced method because it will require you to practice your EXACT position in the bathtub in order to fap without pain.
This time, you need to get the correct water temperature first. Let warm water run for at least 3 to 5 minutes before placing your body under the water flow. Test the water with your wrist or forearm first.
USE CAUTION The penis is very sensitive and might burn sooner than your hands would under hot water.
Third, you will need to pull yourself in as close as you can to the stream of water. This is the tricky part in this technique. First, you will need to get your rear end as close to the water as possible. Next, you will have to lay down and brace yourself by pushing your hands against the back of the bathtub or wall and push your whole body forward as you lift your legs up in the air and lay them up against the wall with your feet facing the ceiling.
Tip 1 Run the warm water in the bathtub with the drain plugged before you start. Otherwise, the bathtub floor is very cold when you lay down on it.
Tip 2 The water provides a nice lubrication, but you can use some otherwise messy products as lube
Tip 3 If you have a GF, she might just LOVE this technique also! Maybe you can watch each other take turns.

Omg Battlefield 3 is like so super ultra mega fantabulous it makes me want to use fapping method #33 while inserting a butt plug into my anus and having my boyfriend extract it with his teeth omg battlefield 3 omg battlefield 3 omg battlefield 3 omg battlefield 3 omg battlefield 3 omg battlefield 3 omg battlefield 3 omg battlefield 3 omg battlefield 3 omg battlefield 3 omg battlefield 3 omg battlefield 3

@#60148 So this one is one of ur favs ?
Probem Fake Imposter Fag ?

whoever says the word jelly is jelly. I'm jelly.


I found some white jelly, I think I'll eat it. What do you guys think?

@#60165 Fascinating...


@#60165 nice day for white jelly...
nice day to start again!
sorry, what were we talking about?

Ye Olde Dragon Dildo


I'll do it with 4 credit cards, but my banker says I shouldn't, probably because the banks like it when I pay interest...

david star

This actually works and is used by many

U mad? U jelly?

i very like this site

you sir a ginus
great idea to bring a gf over

every one above this line is jelly!problem?


@#60112 TMI, dude, TMI.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^jally shield & jelly weapon

____________________________________________sup jellys. this could probly work. im gonna try it. trolololololollololol. itll work for sure. all above line are fags and whores.

Bankruptcy will go bankrupt

It werks! Thanks Trollscience!!!!!!!!

Look for the Easter egg on the table where laffing guy is

oh mah gawd! 3 over9000 comix in a row! (air horn sound)

UGH... sometimes I hate how racist/sexist the comments on this site can be. Any comment that is not racist and/or sexist is a "first" comment, a "jelly/Beiber line," a comment that is "u jelly?", or saying things like "It won't work cause theres no magnetz!" Honestly, I wish that people could be intelligent on this site. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE ON OTHER COMICS!

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