Air Travel Revolution

Air Travel Revolution
Uploaded on Oct 16, 2011
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I have been declared (arguably) first.

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DIFFICULTY = Takes Practice
For this method, you can simply add circular motion to the up and down motion of various other techniques (whichever you feel most comfortable with). The orgasm is a different experience due to the circular force. This one may require practice to get full results. It is often easier said than done. With enough practice, some people can gain the speed and coordination to whip the penis in such a way that only the circular force is needed to cum.

for flying, i prefer crack

Whoever reads this is jelly and this is jelly breaker ---------->

jelly, bro?

trollbert approved!
i did this to mai trollercycle and i flew to gumgum land and blew up the gumgum emperor
....but his jelly minions took over and still make ads


This cannot be science, since it has no magnets and science requires magnets, therefor this is not science.

Based on my comic "Pigs Can Fly". U jelly, repostfag?

Jelly is all above.

I lost my jellygun. :C
But i still have jellyrelfector. C:

Needs MOAR magnets

LUBRICATION = Not Required
First, test water temperature, the worse the burns, the more fun. You will have to lay down and brace yourself by pushing your hands against the back of the bathtub or wall and push your whole body forward as you lift your legs up in the air and lay them up against the wall with your feet facing the ceiling, now fap your MineCraft gland.
Tip 1 Run the warm water in the bathtub with the drain plugged before you start. Otherwise, the bathtub floor is very cold when you lay down on it.
Tip 2 The water provides a nice lubrication, but you can use some otherwise messy products as cookies
Tip 3 If you have a GF, she might just LOVE this technique also! Maybe you can watch each other take turns.

Or as an easier option, you can steal, sorry, AQUIRE Ron WEasley's flying Ford Anglia :L

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