change the world

change the world
Uploaded on Oct 7, 2011
Uploader: Shaby15

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u jelly trollbert first?
trollbert not think dis strategy is viable
trollbert brain hurt

Trollbert is tirdz
Rest are jelly.

-1 For tiny font size

coz u isz makin teh chexk teh munies comz out of ur bank accountez U WILL GO BANKRUPT$$!!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!!!ONE11!!!1!one

uz givez pplz moniez uz goz bankruptsz . fagz

Anyone above the upper line and/or below the lower line is jelly

#57871 : Invert you screen, u double jelly?
Actually the troll on this picture have now a -Infinity account, meaning he's in debt for life, to profit others, bad troll is bad.

your check has no founds, your argument is invalid

Shaby15 suxx

at least I gave you something different instead of more of the same comics -.-

Infinait moneis for evriuan

@#57901 thats why i didnt downvote this
but its still bad

Even if that did work, there's this thing called inflation...

infinite inflation means infinite energy


40 people are the government

we do not forgive
we do not forget
we have over 9000 penises and they are all raping children



Nice economyhax bro. +1 for approval. Problem, other people?

but surely everyone having money would cause inflation, thus proving your plan void?

What happens when they all cash in the checks?
U go brankrupt. U MAD BRO?

mudyfickle stickles

brotip: put infinite monies in savings account first

And now, Graphs (i sorry if not work)
the gov.t:


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