How to rule the world!

How to rule the world!
Uploaded on Sep 6, 2011
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Goblin science has better solution!

you didn't claim first. FIRRRST!! I'm the real first

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mad? nah im still there.

Today's vagina fact is simple but quite shocking. Lips almost exactly resemble the lips of the vagina. Next time you are about to kiss someone, remember that. U jelly?

Damn forgot to put The Vagina as my name

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Yousefk, the creator of the "By File" faggotry is back!

What IS this fuckery?

all above line is a poorfag slave to the king of the north pole

One time I was on vacation in California and I hadn't fapped in over 3 1/2 weeks. My mind was filled by all these weird desires. My hotel was on the 14th floor of the building and the rooms next to me were empty. So yes, I fapped on the balcony. About midway through I got this weird idea to finish through the railing and have it rain jizz on the ground below (don't ask why). So I did and it was a huge load. Little did I know that my room sat above a sidewalk. After finishing and cleaning up I got the munchies and decide to head down to the lobby to get a snack, and at the front desk there is a 20 something couple who were talking about how this bird to a massive dump on their heads and that they wanted to get the their room to clean up.

The South Pole will bankrupt!

My penis is 9.5 inches long.

Richdude is not mutually exclusive to dirty rascal.
The presence of several Fortune 500 CEOs proves this.

One time I saved all my jizz for several weeks into a gallon ziplock bag. Once I got bored and decided to dump that stinky white rotting cumulative into a cup. I went to the Burger king drive through. I ordered a triple whopper. When I got to the window I took my food and dumped the cup of rotten cum on the worker there. She was a hot chick. I hope it seeped into her vagina and made her pregnant. I drove quickly away b4 they could see my lisence plate and went across the street to McDonald's. I fapped on the windsheild of a car in the employee parking lot. Then I threw the Burger I got at burger king on the car then took a shit on the hood. It was on the news the next day.

@#56023 I don't think she could've got pregnant if the cum was already rotten.
You should've just fucked her
Nice try anyway...

*le revolution*

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U gel ?

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Air Force boot camp at Lackland. My flight is across the way from, and one floor above, a foreign exchange flight composed entirely of women. One day in week two I notice, while inspecting the top of my locker, that we can see straight into their dorm.
I hiss for everyone to turn out the lights and the entire flight joins myself and a couple other guys looking out of our windows and into their dorm. They're naked, having just come in from PT to shower. We spend a good fifteen minutes watching. This becomes a nightly ritual.
As does the nightly mass fap. Some "excuse" themselves to the head or the showers, while most just huddle up under their blankets.Some even huddle up to each other to have gay secks
I shit you not. Boot camp is weird.


i has mor lolz


I pooped myself but i dont no wat to do. My dad is in the other romm wit the dorr closed fappin and imtried to get toilet paper from the bathroom toclean it but it leaves a bigger stain, wut shuld i do? Hurrys!11

goblin science is a fuck and i hate it!


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