Airborne Magnet Helmet

Airborne Magnet Helmet
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
Uploader: Admin

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Dude check this shit out

what a coincidence! this page is exactly like the other one



I was unaware that guns fired "clips"

FIRST problem, forgetfags?
------------------------------ <anti jelly shield

what happens when you run out of the bag ammo. Problem, admin?

Ooor the clips will just go to the magnet?

400th trollface. PROBLEM? UMAD <400fags?

Bro tip: make it shoot magnets instead of the clips.

It's funny cause you get Headshot

attracting bullets to magnets on your head? Brilliant!

It actually would attract bullets to your head and nothin more, you are heavier that bullets with magnet on your head, lawl

^^ Stfu

This takes practice tho

Problem Gravity?

Why does Troll Science always involve magnets?

Why are ****s black?

Fucking magnets! How do they work?


413rd like...

If the bag rips, then ur screwed

Paperclips are steel, and steel is not magnetic unlike iron.

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