Fun with chopsticks

Fun with chopsticks
Uploaded on Aug 19, 2011

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lol wut?

YAY! This image pass the moderation in one day. :)

I was camping with my family and my 2 cousin aunt uncle.
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rageface +1

How am I supposed to steal the joy? With magnets????? 0_o

sounds legit!

@#54432 With chopsticks, problem?


Joy and happiness companies will bankrupt!

not funny. really. i liked the brotips and that of acquiring... but you fucked it at the end

@#54448 \B\ro /t/ips: איך טאָן ניט וויסן ענגליש, פּראָבלעם ¿

Please continue

i have returned to haunt trollscience and to block your comics!

@#54464 Aside from masturbating in every state in America (with the exception of idaho...) and every room in my/my parent's house, not very good stories... I fapped in the girls bathroom in my school and then wiped the cum on a few of the toilet seats. I came in my friend's stepmom's underwear drawer. I saw a wierd belt in the bathroom at school once and came all over it. I think it was some kind of fake gladiator belt or some shit, but I eventually saw it in the back of my latin classroom and watched one girl put it on. Besides that stuff, the only thing is I regularly spend the night at my friend's house and come on his 23 year old sister's pillows. She's missing some thongs too now.


You stole my idea about brotip in a foreign language.
You think you're gna get away with it? Maybe you are.

@#54656 uh. I really don't know that you used foreign language in this site. Sorry about that.
Well, as we have the same idea, we are /b/ro, aren't we? :)

@Uploader bro, if you dont't go on /b/ like most trollsciencefags on this website, don't say /b/ro. Umad fakerfag?


@Anonymouse(The previous' previous commenter) Problem? \B\ro?


Haai There cuttie bois :)


From a non-linear, non-subductive point of view, time is more like a ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.


Uh-oh. Chinese characters don't seem to show properly. PROBLEM?

It's called Mojibake. See for yourself. 😭😪😘😥😓😄😃😛😥😩😒😜😒😪😳😚😒😓😛😓💩💩💩🍑🍑🐘😓😁😁💴💨😭😁😥💉😥🌳🍂🌕🌳🌞🌐🌐🌻🌘🌳🌿🍂🎄🎈📀🎅📀🎅📀💿🎄🎊💿🎌🎒🎐🎐🎈🎊🎍🎅🎈🏬🏪🌅🏠🏥🏠🏤🌅🏡🏤🏤8⃣7⃣#⃣🔠🔣⏫🎦🈚️🈵🈚️🈵⤴️🔂🈁🈴🎦🉐🈵⤵️🆕📶🈲🎦🚻🈹🈁⏩🆗🆙🆖🆙🆗🆗🆒🆗🆗🆕🎦🆕🆒⏩⏪ℹ️⏪⏩🔀🆒🈁⏪⏪🔀🔀🆖 Melborp?

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