Bullet Blower

Bullet Blower
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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bullet helmet is better

@#109 Same thing...derp

More liek troll fandwich

So basically you just turn yourself into Air Man?

Everyone below and above is jelly

There should be a wind turbine attached for moar infinite power

Why is this rated so low?

what happens if you get shot from behind then...

if you actually read what the pic says, you wouldn't be asking retarded questions, anonymouse. There's a fan on the other side too.

it would take a lot of money and energy to get a large supply of such high-powered fans...

what happens if you get shot from the sides?

"what happens if you get shot from the sides?" wtf do you think happens? You get shot, hurt, and possibly killed.


this is my useless opinion

Just use magnets. Or reverse magnets, whatever.


How do they work?

Troll sandwich

who needs bullet proof vests?

dont forget wind turbine for INFINITY ENERGY

Problem gun n00bs?

*murders everyone with sword* wat happed?


Gun compenis will go bankrupt!
Terrorists will go bankrupt!
Fighting will go bankrupt!
Our country will profit!

Use flashlight on solar panel for infinite power

@#319 trolls actually have infinite money

@#109 then the fan on the other side blows it away.

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The bullet would be too fast for that to work

The fan won't be strong enough

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