Decent income.

Decent income.
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WESTMINSTER, Calif. (AP) — Prosecutors say an argument over houseguests led a Southern California woman to cut off her estranged husband's penis and put it down a garbage disposal.
Dr. Joel Gelman heads UC Irvine's Center for Reconstructive Urology, didn't comment on the victim specifically but said a severed penis is "a terrible loss and it's the hardest thing, in our specialty, to deal with surgically."
In cases of penis loss, a penis-like structure with limited utility can be constructed using flesh and skin from the forearm, said Gelman


i left the tab open for about 30 mins. i didn't realize i could have been first. anyways it's ok. i'm not mad, i don't have any problem, and obviously i'm not jelly.


you jelly icebox?


So... a Ponzi scheme?

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Safety First

y was i jelly?

-1 because of wapanese moonspeak brotip.

good idea. but make sure you dont get a loan from me, i dont forget monies, and be sure ill find you and break your legs.
true fact: the bro tip looks chinese or traditional japanese (very similar). now you know what is it go and translate for moar lols or something

I lost the game

Flag my comment! lol!

I don't want decent money I want infinite moneyz!!!!oneoneoneelevenoneoneone!!!!!1111!two

neva gonna give u up
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always gonna make u lose the game

No probz, I has infinite cent coin! Problem? :D

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jelly Shield---- everyone above this line is jelly, u mad GumGum?


Can someone translate that Chinese text?

What does that Chinese mean?

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