Water Level Problems

Water Level Problems
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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I think it is photoshopped... easy to see on the pixels.

Al Gore will go bankrupt!

he have to throw the dirt out of the water for it to work....

What do you mean, "this could actually work?" All troll science works. Jelly real fags?


There was only like,7 ords in there, and you say TL;DR? Learn to read.

rising water?
use a boat

But the amount of dirt doesn't change, as you pile it underwater.

@#19048 and @#34868
...You don't know what this site is for, do you?


@#39591 He could have at least mentioned blasting it into space or something.

@#41342 I'm in space.


This is a very gud comic

Problem water level?

Wouldn't it actually work?

It would work if you would take the digged dirt out of the water.

fake because the fish is not in the water in the first picture.

flying fish maybe?

Its not that crazy... But you will need at least 4000 man to dig on waterdeeps, and 4000 oxygen tanks D:

You mad Icecaps?

U jelly?

needs sum floopy arms

This could actually work. Not troll science.

Use dug dirt to fix Netherlands.

The ocean bed is made out of basalt, not dirt. Try breaking trough that...

@#31176 I think it was a joke.

Check out dipalon.cheezburger.com!
Jelly Forcefield
Anyone outside of it is jelly.

That one seems accually quite logical and might take a while but work.

Gee, this actually might work, but you'd have to do the digging on scuba.

Works, as long as you put material you dug on actual land, or pile it untill it rise above ocean level

@#95251 yeah. if dirt still in ocean, the amount of dirt actually in ocean stays same

Then we'd get a hole problem.

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