How to get into space!!

How to get into space!!
Uploaded on Jun 30, 2011
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Also, the game.
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you need to use magnets for acquiring binoculars

U mad Nasa and Russia?

perfect and working. Another easy method to get to space.
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I'm another The Spoilsport and I also confirm that it works.

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GUILTY!! of not being in space.

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Does the real Spoilsport like Troll Science? No. Does he support it? No. Does he do crappy grammar? No. Does he like saying that Troll Science works? No!
The binocular method will not work and you're not in space, you're still on Earth, looking into a lot of binoculars.

It works!

@#50172 You are talking about the fake Spoilsport. The real Spoilsport, me, likes trollscience. And all proposals you can find here works. U jelly?

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(Polandball cannot into space)

star. amother star. star. star. star. space is boring. wanna go to earth

chuck norris dont need binoclurqw;penm to get into space, space comes to chuck norris

in svoiet russa moon look at u

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Aww, poor Polandball....Polandball cannot binoculars, let alone into space!

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