Infinte power by books!

Infinte power by books!
Uploaded on Jul 2, 2011

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I am jelly

Books do not automatically generate energy out of nothing. Books have no electric charge either.

?damu yllej

what is ur iq?
i think its over 9000

The Spoilsport is right. However i tried it.. and it works.

this is a fake and gay copy of me. this comic totally works. how else was einstein so smart? why am i so dumb? i dont use books!

nuclear power plants? they are a lie.
energy from a rock? thats impossible, actually, they have books inside

@#50278 U mad, u mad!


U mad superheroesfags?

@#50278 Ah, but all objects have potential energy, and as long as it keeps moving, it has infinite kinetic energy. While you may claim that books have no electric charge, in all likelihood at least some of a book's atoms are charged one way or the other due to simple probability.
Fake me defeated!


NOEZ! U need to either convert the matter in the books into electrical energy using a simple process wich is too complex to figure out, or use the kinetic energy of turning the pages to create electrical energy... Problem, web comic creator?

{ }__________________magnetic speed doubler
[ ]___jelly input
[ ]
- -----------------------
elly-----------------jelly____jelly coollant
yjel[eragerageragera]_______rage reactor
lyjelly[ ]jellOjellyjelly] cable to
-------[ ]----O----------- l trolls
[ ] ooooooo l OO--->
rage input
repost 4 INFINITE POWER!!!!!!!

this sucks

lolz not that kind of power

The Worst@#50269

@#50269 the worst

I just want to comment on my sad little life.
My name is Jack McArdle. I have a sister, whom I raped exquisitely last month. And as you read this, I will be raping the girlfriend of my bestfriend, Harry Atkinson. The truth is, I have loved Niamh, Harry's girlfriend, pronounced n-ee-v, for a while. I'm just praying she will enjoy being raped...

I have just had sex with my boyfriend's best friend and it felt goooooooood!!!

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@#79837 , Mr Arkinson, I may be able to suply yoo with an air rifle.

the worst and twenty third!yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

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