Satellite Tram

Satellite Tram
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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lol @ everyone trying to find logic in these things.

One problem: The number of people on that train would make a Japanese subway look like a vacuum.

Which is to say that there will be A WHOLE FUCKING LOT OF PEOPLE crammed into one train.

@ Hugh Pike

You just ruined my life. Thanks.

@#922 this satellite is not located at the equator therefore cannot be perfectly geostationary...

but this wouldnt even work in troll science. magnets or no magnets.

@#1505 u fag u ruined it for me you cock i hope ur mom walks in you jerkin off

this could work if the beam connecting the two, along with the tram, would be made out of some super light material.

sattelites are just as fast as the earth is, so they are not acutally moving, otherwise you wouldn't be able to adjust sattelite-dishes

only geostationary orbits...

Light dies at the end of Death Note

dudez, u guys are so lolz

the only reason sattelites orbit is b/c no external forces. having a tram in atmosphere = external force, so it would slow down.

but still, trololololo :D

@second guy
satellites moving at the same speed as the earth does not mean the satellite is stationary. If we are both going 5mph, we are still moving, but just not relative to each other

This might take a lot of monies, but with troll science, you can get infinite monies. It will work.

Satellites only move because of orbit from gravity. It is impossible to hold a tram to it.

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