Unlimited Cheesburgers (works) [by File]

Unlimited Cheesburgers (works) [by File]
Uploaded on Jun 20, 2011
Uploader: yousefk

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first!!!!!!!!!! u mad??????

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This reminds me of a comic I did, but mine had to do with money

4th you raging bro? :D

title is for complete faggot. the "by faggot" is annoying (even its not your name) but the "works"... just -- ...


safety first

Anti-Jelly shield.
I like how much nonsense is in this site...still funny.

*Le looking at screen like: 'wtf is dis shit?'*
Y'all are jellyfags and fagfags.
I have jellyproof monitor. So jelly comments will not be seen.

Guys you won't be hearing me complain anymore because Yousefk said he was going to stop doing this. So this should be the last one. In the mean time I just made a new comic, I was rushed so it isn't that good but it is still in moderation though.

@#49067 Your new comic sucks pretty hard... As funny as saying "put a mattress at the bottom and jump."


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As the cheezburger tends to zero the hunger tends to infinite O_O

17th beeyotch

I tried dis, it werked.

Hey Yousefk, I have a good idea. If you have Minecraft you know what we could do? We could go on a server together and Uber Troll everyone! And by that I mean grief everything in sight. You and me can even start a group here called "Greifers Unite" or something faggy like that, and in our group we can have a set time and place where everyone that joins our group can come to a server and grief. It would be infinite fun.


_( ___________/__/
_.__________ /__/
##-------->___(__| arrow to the knee
__/ __________
_.( ______(___.__

Actually, if you decrease burger by only half each time you take a bite, you will quickly get to a point where the burger will never keep you fed HOWEVER before that you will hit the size at wick it is physically impossible to half it and you will end up eating all of it. I am a genius/sciencefag.

I eat chineese people for breakfast, German people for lunch, English people for dinner. PROBLEM?

start with zero then divide it by half!
look at my name.

Cheezburga = noice
noice = infinite cheezburga

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