Infinite Happiness (by Fail)

Infinite Happiness (by Fail)
Uploaded on Jun 19, 2011
Uploader: yousefk

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every1 below this line is fag


everyone above this line s jelly and 'mirin and mad


The way to be gayer than this
has been sought by many
enterprising young people.
Going past simple homosexuality,
all the researchers agreed that the
most gay thing they could do is make
everyone read the first letter of each line.


Okay Yousefk. I'm not completely angry this time because you didn't use my name...I'm still mad at you for the other times but atleast it's getting better...And see? I told you that you could get comics to the front-page WITHOUT my name in it! So good job for that, but also why don't you just put (by Yousefk) in teh title? Maybe if you put YOUR name in it peopel will get to know you more, ya' think? :P

And your ideas aren't even that bad Yousefk! I mean sure, I'm not gonna lie, but the graphic could be a little better, but that doesn't matter. It's the idea that counts right? You should keep doing what you're doing and make more good ideas, just put your name in the title this time okay? ;)

So, "happyfag" is a tautology then?

first, everyone except me is not jelly

@#48967 file, I did this strictly for lulz. I'll stop doing that now.

Orly? If that is the case then one: Why didn't you tell me this sooner? And two: Then why were every single on of your comics "by File" ?

Actually I don't even care. As long as I get to make more Troll Science now. But one little problem...I might need to stop putting by File in the title...But should I stop for teh sake of the haters...Or keep doing it because that's my trademark?

And ONE more thing. Everyone else hates me! I thoguth you did, but I guess you don't...Anyway I'm not 100% sure everyone hates me, but today I saw a comic that said "U mad File" and "File will go bankrupt" at the end. I didn't really care because I was laughing, but it's amazing how one thing made people get to know me!

Even gayererier is the N00B toob!!one!1

Just by owning fag ops you become major fag

Troll face for anti-gumgum claymore :3

so youre gay... youll get happier when you have some buttseks!!

@#49040 i had buttseks with your mom last night...u mad?

I'd like to point out the brotip for reading will break your computer . Yeah this is true. SRRRY FOLKS!

@#49047 wasnt talking to you
and how do you know my mom? it is... i mean... she is a broom.

User has been B& (reason: using actual science)

Why so mad File?

1. shut the fug up nobody cares who u are
2. i seen this before

Hey Yousefk, I have a good idea. If you have Minecraft you know what we could do? We could go on a server together and Uber Troll everyone! And by that I mean grief everything in sight. You and me can even start a group here called "Greifers Unite" or something faggy like that, and in our group we can have a set time and place where everyone that joins our group can come to a server and grief. It would be infinite fun.


Penis.... That is all.

Basically: Camping. Everyone does that.

According to this comic, @#48967 is incredibly happy.

every1 below is Jelleh

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