Infinite Energy (by File)

Infinite Energy (by File)
Uploaded on Jun 7, 2011
Uploader: yousefk

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This is crap.
Comment by File

roses are red
diamonds are white
lasers work with a led
and this comic is a shit

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File is a faggot


Use swoopy loopy arms for more profitz


Why would diamond companies go bankrupt if you buy all of their diamonds, as I did see you said acquire and not steal.

Needs moar AIDS

This isn't Lolcats. On Troll science, you need to spell things right... Derpfag.

I used this and got infinite moneyz and acquired gumgum!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

i am back

Ad at bottom of page: "Don't get forced. Get what fits."
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Yow! This comic sucks!
Obviously doesn't make sense
Ugly drawings.
Judiciously, they don't know
Unless they are retarded
Shitty comic was made by
This wanker named yousefk, not File.
Lame comic is lame
Somehow, he got this far in life
Though he is retarded
That is...
Hair-raising and
Extremely shocking.
Great, now that I've your attention
And that you've finished reading this poem
Maybe you should read the first letter of each line.
Eventually, you'll realize you got trolled. PROBLEM?

niggers shit out better crap than this. i would rather swallow corn-filled nigger turd than ever lay eyes on this comic again. i mad, jelly, and morally bankrupt.


or..just buy minecraft then mine diamonds then use magnets to pull them out of your computer....SELL DIAMONDS FOR INFINITE MONEYZ....Minecraft will have $$$$!!!

1000000000 volt battery? well that battery must have a seriously low amounts of amps... lets change that to 12 volt and 83333333 amp!

I didn't make this. Everyone that calls me a fag is wrong.
Yousefk made this comic, not me! Everyoen troll him, he deserves to get banned or atleast trolled very hard!

@#47710 haha




Srsly! What difference does this have from other infinite energies except that this may work?

Have fun finding dimonds. Lol@#47950

Check out!
Jelly Forcefield
Anyone outside of it is jelly.

@#47712 no shit

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