Infinite memories.

Infinite memories.
Uploaded on Jun 2, 2011
Uploader: creamtheater

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safety first!

Anybody above the line is jelly

Everyone above and bellow lines not in between are fags. U MAD FAGS?


trolololin with the automessage

briiaaaaans! i mean... braaaaiiiinss!!

i tried it and it works

you know wher the money is!

Finally i have use for all the brains i harvested from the morgue.

Or you could just acquire I mean steal some external hard drives.

zombies will go bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oneone1111111!!!!!

| |
| |
Look i am pissing on everyone above.
U jelly, covered-with-pissfags?
U mad, jellyshieldfags?

It doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

+1 for brainrupt

i brought it to 90 for the fffffffuuuuuu in the graveyard.


f u i wont do wat u tell me
f u i wont do wat u tell me
f u i wont do wat u tell me
f u i wont do wat u tell me
f u i wont do wat u tell me
f u i wont do wat u tell me

Last is the new First, u mad?

@#47522 Those that died are justified, by wearin a badge, they the chosen whites!

anti jelly-and-fag spikes, and oh yeah, the game

fuck yourself ^^^^^^^^^^^(the game)

why you swearing? you're not cool. :///

Jelly Shields are now active

Liked just because of the brainrupt part lol.

Jelly Shield active
All except post 1 protected
That's a jelly injector on top. Injecting Post 1 with JELLY!
@#47165: What fags? Madfags?
@main topic: BTW, only problem is they might forget your files. :(

jelly shield, all above is potatos

but brain is dead

Just plug your OWN brain in, You'd profit by being able to memorize anything.

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