Infinite Sound! (Works) by File

Infinite Sound! (Works) by File
Uploaded on May 21, 2011
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u mad, deal with it ;)))



dosnt work u only get feedbacks

Questions that often come up are, "How do magnets work?", or, "Why is iron magnetic?", or, "What makes a magnet?", or, "What is the magnetic field made of?".
Those are good questions, and deserve a good answer. However, did you know that there is a lot about magnets at the atomic level that isn't known yet? Just like with most of the other basic forces we are familiar with, such as gravity, electricity, mechanics and heat, scientists start by trying to understand how they work, what they do, are there any formulas that can be made to describe (and thus predict) their behavior so we can begin to control them, and so on.
The work always starts by simple observation (that's the fancy word for playing around with the stuff!). That's why it's so important to have some "hands-on" experience with magnets. Have you taken two magnets and tried to push like poles together? How far away do you start to feel the repulsion? How does the force vary with the distance between them? When the magnets are moved off-axis to each other (moving them to the side and not head on) what does it feel like? Could you describe it like trying to push two tennis balls together? When you flip one around, what changes? What about moving one around the other in a circle? Try these things! That's how you learn! Only when you play with (observe) them will you begin to understand how they work. This is the stuff great scientific pioneers did, like Faraday, Lenz, Gilbert, Henry and Fleming.


Cool story, bro!
With that brain of yours we could use some more good ideas on this website.
"The more the jelly-er!" I say.
But really TrollScience dosen't HAVE to be fake, some can work in real life if someone took the time to make the inventions... If only we could hire a scientist $10,000 to make a troll machine and prove the world that Troll Science is the new science!

So who's with me? I have this idea that peopel should donate money on this website, the money goes to making a perpetual motion machine, or a magnet skateboard, or anything! Amirite?

All above this line are jelly. safety!

all above the line below are jelly, including me

all are a son of bitchs

Repost, negros.

(BY FILE) Seriously, who cares who made it? You don't have to put that in the name of every trollscience post, fucking filefag. We can see the author just fine, fucking Filefag.

@#45648 bro, you'd want credit if you got a comic to the front page.

maniac bro tip: magnets for better electro-magnetic wave control!

Think I might try that...

An unusual species of fish from Australia is preying on penises in New Zealand.
The Australian oyster blenny, Omobranchus anolius, which is believed to have been introduced into New Zealand from Australia, is reportedly preying on local barnacles and eating their penises.

@#45652 Yeah, of course I want credit. But that's what the name under the Randumb button is for.

Well why do you care if I do that?
I post my name in the title so when it is in moderation people can see it was made by me! :P

U mad bro? U mad?

these people are definitely mad

This actually works if you have 2 iPhones with Talking Carl. Your ears will bleed.


I've been there, done that.
I've created birds, killed my science teacher 'cause he said it was impossible. The first was with this /new/ technique. The second has over 9000 ways to do that.

Jewtip of the minute:
(A brief stupidity..No wait I meant a brief wisdom daily brought by wisdoms teeth.)
I am happy pr0X???

Have done...kills bees


Hey file, can you sign your name on my ass?

@#45867 u a pervvvvvvvvvvvvv?

@#45921 Of course I am! I fuck DomBB every day!

thats called feedback -.-

@#45807 Guess the gas chamber's special today was laughing gas.


yes jelly

inb4 wewewewewewewewweeeeeeeEEEEEEEREEE!!!! from phones.

20 poorfags are haven't got a phone

@#45615 apperentaly sum1 is jelly ov infinit sound, did it mak ur FUUUUUU- face go banckrupt?

called feed back

Where I come from we call that feedback.

My vote made the count hit 169.
What can I say? I'm that good.
Talking to cellphones right now... OMG infinite voices!

LOLZ!!!! Actually works!
(one problem, voice turns into loud ring after a while.)
P.S. Actually good ^^^ thing, more annoying.

Its just called a feedback -_____-

Did it with iPods, it made a loud screeching sound then stopped.

Check out my comic. It's on the front page right now! :P

i dont care if its late

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