Puppy Retrieval

Puppy Retrieval
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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HAhahaha there was some bosnian bitch that threw puppies into river , and it was taped and put on youtube. She even said " weeeeeee" when she threw them . Bitch.

Bosnians are subhuman

okay for trolling bitches...
but i dont like puppies

Better alternative: Kill bosnian river bitch

@von Mecklenburg
You little piece of shit. I LIVE in Bosnia, you fucking asshole. Just because one idiot little fuck faced bitch threw puppies in the river, this does not give you the right to GENERALIZE people. Go and read some history, you sorry ass motherfucker.

@#39175 Calm down, kids read this stuff you know.


@#39175 you mad?

@#39175 I'm not sure that the creator is even generalizing. He's saying that there are puppies in the rivers and that you can use the magnets to save them.

@#56026 It was just then that I realized you might not be talking about the creator. Sorry, bro.

yaaaaaaaaaaay the puppies are saved!

Oh god I remember this thread.


:,D <<< tears of puppy love

no way dude, waste of magnets.


lol wouldn't it be, "insert magnet into a bitch"?

404 Troll not found. ( SO SORRY I had to ;()

Everyone in the comment section is jelly

Everyone on trollscience is jelly

@#39175 Who reads anymore?

The magnets will only kill those poor dogs.

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