Pigs Can Fly!

Pigs Can Fly!
Uploaded on May 10, 2011
Uploader: Kubi718

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In before everyone else.

...but enough about everyone's moms.

He's talking about ur dad

Safety=New DomBB

+2 for loopy shwoopy

Father companies will go bankrupt!!!1!one!1!!

<)". ."(>
( ( .. ) )

reality tip: this quote will explain it:
burns: ill make the donation when pigs fly
(pig crosses the sky fliying)
smithers: are you going to donate the money.
burns: uuuhhh... better not.
and thats what will happen!

+3 for the sad trolldad and the schwopppy loopy

SAFETY 4 WOMEN & FETUSES!!!!!!!!!! I won...

*/J/ewtip of the century:(a brief time of jews wisdom)
Always use yewr magnets when aquiring things that are at a distance. Always.

@#43888 I'll keep that in mind

its of pigs can fly you gyfag

i still live bitchs and SAFETY is fake and gay


+9000 for trolling troll dad

Can is made of aluminium... Use alloy magnet? trolol.

Red Tube, infinite secks...

@#43888 bro!

I MADD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

LOL! or attach wings to a pig

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