Rope Pulling Rocket

Rope Pulling Rocket
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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um ya this may seem dumb, but the fact that it is dumb is in itself a troll and thus it is trolling trollscience and everyone who views it


Anonymouse is gay!

This works! I'm in space....


Look Carefuly

If you tilt your head to the right it says 'gullible'

tilt to the left and it says 'naive'

I tilted my head t the left and right, but I only saw the words "troll harder"


He is at the top of the rocket ship, and is using the rope at the bottom to pull the rocket ship into the air. i.e: same joke made 1000 other times, only this time with rockets

It's rocket science!

M√ľnchausen did it.

No one called first so now i am first u jellys

I approve!

I saw something similar while playing this game called Troll Cannon.



i put 150 strings and pulled them all.
i have only been pulling for 0.1 millisecond, and now i am in the andromeda galaxy.

@#51237 I saw a tree and a lava lamp


But gravity

It is impossible to lift that rocket up by only pulling a string.

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