Light Reflector

Light Reflector
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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Replace lower mirror with one-way mirror, and apply lower mirror before setting flashlight on.

Also, this seems to be the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.

you may be on to somthing

@#14788 we all know is 42
you mean another science

13 people are slower than light.

@#548 Then you can press them together and create some solid light :D

You could actually do this... if you could move faster than the speed of light.

the speed of dark is always faster than light

This isnt an original idea, u jelly poserfags?


This is already what a laser is, jellyfags


And why would we need that for?

nothing runs faster than light ._.

that mirror does...

Use a one way mirror so light can go in but cant come out :O

just put the mirror there while the light is on its way back but before it hits the surface?

also we would not be able to see the light if that happened as sight itself is us picking up reflections of light. so if it only gets reflected back and forth we would not see it.

First stick the mirror in at 150,000km so that you have a whole second to get the mirror in place (hope I don't have to explain the math), then move the mirrors closer.


The light is not a lazer! nor is it physical!

I got trolled by science...

...photons are physical

your mum is physical

I seriously used to think about this when I was little

Did you know that...
This is the very first trolling science ever.

put solar panels to collect infinite light! windmills will go bankrupt


Actually you don't need to put the mirror faster than light because it's like putting your hand in a fountain. It bounces back constantly.

@#14788 No, the ultimate answer is 42.

then point it to you'r victim and QUICKLY OPEN THE TOP OF YOU'R LIGHT BLINDER!


you do not need to move the mirror faster than the speed of light actually


What if you just squish the light? Will you get a really bright light or something?

“Faster than light”
I think this speaks for itself

Light isn't matter therefore you can't contain it

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