Bend Cord, Faster Speeds!

Bend Cord, Faster Speeds!
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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@#3088 If you bend it, it'll come out faster but you'll get less internet.

bro tip: paint has write tool


Wouldn't work because the internet is not equal to water.

It's more effective to delete System 32

you can also install firmware from faster routers.. just keep trying them until you find one that works fastest

That's quite the point.. trollscience is science you WISH were real. Do your research or gtfo (:

+500 internet points. U mad jellyfags?@#36112

OMG!!! doubled my broadband speed, now i need to build somekind of cone to make my wifi faster.

Where's the trollface? :( i miss him already

It works because the internet is tubes

When I bend the hose, it stops running. Clearly, this would shut down the internet.

Clearly, you have no brains. You bend the hose, and then the trollface pops up, and we're all happy again because he's here. <3 I miss him so much.

The trollface is below the image, stop your bitchin...

But if you bend a hose, the water comes out thinner. So if you bend the internet, it'll come faster but you'll get thinner streams.

So 1080p streams won't fit through the bent tubes?

I plug my ethernet cord into a magnet. works way better.

@#35830 It's called Troll Science for a reson, silly.

Fuck Monster Cables, Dat Shit works no joke! Cheers, Todd Trollington!

Do that with a thin internet cable, faster than 1337m internets!

THIS IS ****ING BRILLIANT!!!!!!111!!!!!ONE!!!!!!!!!!one hundred and eleven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's only going to break it

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