Make a energy bomb

Make a energy bomb
Uploaded on Oct 27, 2010

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i like the space haddouken more :P

the headlights would be progecting the lights at twice the speed of light, if your driving in a car at fifty miles per hour then throw a 50 mile per hour snowball at your friend who is standing there, he gets hit by a snowball moving 100 miles per hour rather than fifty. The reason people dont understand this is because of wind resistance the snowball would probably be around 75 mph. this picture is ridiculous

@#36221 thats completely wrong, nothing can go faster than light it is a constant speed. if your car was going 99% the speed of light, light projected out would still travel at the speed of light relative to you, but relative to someone watching it would only be moving slowly in front of you

i dont think the point of troll phyics is to argue about real physics

jelly shield

I tried to exit out of the advertisement at the bottom, but I was a few pixels off. Fffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-!

lol despite everything about this that can't happen... that actually sounds really cool to do.


dis be srs bsns dood

no repost
this was made by me!

NOu! aS a result the light of your headlight will eventually go twice the speed of light, wihch is equivalent to going backwards in time!
problam quantumsss?brrr dingdignding

No! This was made by me!

the whole point of Einstein was that the light will ALWAYS travel with the speed of light from your viewpoint

awww shit i tried this and nearly died
its serious you fags

say if you became adjacent to space, you would appear to be going the speed of light for sure.

I've tried this before. Doesn't work

Genius!!!!!!! xD that's why the death star disapeared..... spaceships with lights everywhere traveling at the speed of light and stoping in one second

To everyone whining that it won't work: IT'S TROLL SCIENCE. Obviously it doesn't work IRL xD

dammit OP. Why are you posting dangerous shit like this online?


any one thinking about tacos right now? ana if you have to say made by me it obveously isnt made by you.

If osamas gets this recipes he'll bring down twin towers

jews beat him to it...

@#3188 Problem?

This is serious shit!

LOVELY!! :----D


This is as harmless as puting a flashlight to your face. The light seems to stay in one place because of your relitivity of the car, but outside the car, it's going its regular speed. The car would make a better weapon (going at lightspeed and all).

@#4253 Your argument is invalid.
This is trollscience.
Problem sciencefags?

but if you do that then how do i magnet?

Fags trying to be intelligent get trolled hard, its Troll Science bro.

Trollz Rool

done before and better

zomg awzum!

@#4253 your face would make better weapon

@#3162 no, the light will not move forward because of the doppler effect. the light never goes faster than its supposed to, so it compensates for the speed of its source by lessening its speed.

Drugs = Sh|t

Thish is how we ended WW1.

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