earth will go bankrupt

earth will go bankrupt
Uploaded on Apr 3, 2011
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FIRST ! Evryone below this line is jelly

Jelly Contained.

there r no positiv an negativa magnets... all are both.

jelly magnet fags.

Step one: Make repost
Step two: Get ragefaced.
Le end.

this double posting is completely intentionated
my sincerest rageface to you, sir

the op forgot the first lesson to reposting: ITS ALL IN THE FUCKING TIMING

Repost fest next month, girls free until midnight.

Repost Friday will be fun fun fun

Everyone above this line is jelly

Villains will go bankrupt
U Jelly, Death-star

Fun fact!
if you twist your head so it look where the sun does not shine upon ( yeas, Lapland), you will recive a magic bacon bear, made of bacon and magnets. Whose will be yours to command.

PROTIP: Acquire magnifying glass before heading towards the moon, they're easier to get around here.

_______________________________________________________________________________everyone above teh line is uber jelleh

and below this line is jelleh

@#37784 don't be so negative.

@#37784 yes there is it a fenomonon called a mono pole

| |

the ende

Step 2. Smoke weed and become Bob Marley.


You must wait for a new moon.

/ Jelly
__________________/ Volcano __________________
Jelly volcano erupts, covering all above me in jelly. All shields are negated. U mad, Trollfags?

The one who commented above is dumb and jelly.

First! I know u jelly.

I swallowed clay so NOW I SHIT BRICKS!

you are loose game

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