Free Flight (by File)

Free Flight (by File)
Uploaded on Apr 2, 2011
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First, problem, Jellyfags?

It will hardly work. It's better to eat iron and hold the magnet.

I feel. Better.

and i dont mean it doesnt make sense... its the word... there...

Add your useless opinion

^^^^^your above..and below both lines!!!..problem jelly?

Nobody bothers to post on the actual picture? I bet all you do is find a new picture just so you can be "first" on it! LOLZ U FAILZ!

@ #37592 no you have to ingest a magnet so you can have the poles repel. your magnet would always attract to iron not repel

this should work, if you use anti-mass instead of magnets.
(just borrow the LHC for a while)

you found me

this is the gayest site i have ever seen and if i were the admin here i would hide like bin laden so i would not get raped


Jelly Line ends here.

@#39446 guess not. umad?

The physics is wrong. u jelly?

If you had a stronf enough magnet, it would work, lol.
Problem is that opposites will repel with equal force
So first you have to work out and get huge muscles to repel massively powerful magnets that will tear your arms off otherwise :D


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