Space Generator

Space Generator
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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260 x 40 x


retractable ball sack

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16 people don't like the attempted troll drawing

Space well go bankrupt


why havent nasa already tought this?

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Everyone above this line was trolled.

True fact: Things go faster and faster in space.
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invest to send 40 billion of these into space and open a company?
Hell yes

We've had issues coming up with perpetual motion machines for so long...
Why has nobody thought to make one to work in zero gravity?

Yeah, I'm curious to what would actually happen if this was tried.

if someone did this pretty sure my neighbors would run 2 extension cords and try to siphon off it since the bastards can't do it to me anymore

well, the movement is turned into electrical energy... so it'd still come to a stop.

There is no such thing as a permanent magnet ;_;

maybe there is!

Do Magnets work in space?

yeah magnets work in space, they emit a field that attracts other magnetic materials, with or without an atmosphere... now that I think aboot it, magnets might actually work BETTER in space due to no atmospheric interference with the generated magnetic field... BRILLIANT!

Magnets take energy to make. More energy then would be given out by this. Eventually, the magnets in the generator would run out OR stop the spinning. Basically, it takes the energy of a single push, and expands it over a day.

the magnets within the generator itself provide the resistance

someone do this and get back to everybody.

to the person who was curious about this, the coils will have a current traveling through them which creates a magnetic field opposing the magnets used to generate power. What you end up with is a VERY efficient motor but it'll only be like 90 something percent certainly not >100, but yeah still funny

The fact that energy is created from this means that energy is taken out of the system, which means eventually it'll stop spinning...

What if you add little rocket boosters that make it spin up again, they fire off like once every 24 hours!!! And then you make this complex refueling system... It'll make for a very efficient motor for sure!!!!!

This is not troll science. Just science submitted by a troll.

I'm sorry but this wouldn't work, as even in space there's gravity from a near body of mass, idiots.

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this is actually possible except that connecting it to earth with a wire would cause trouble.


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How are you going to get the generator up there in the first place?

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