Transformer Power!

Transformer Power!
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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Wire loopy shwoopy arms :D

It's troll science because AAA batteries are useless.


Idiots... If u put a switch in between the battery & the transformer & turn the switch off & on real fast u will get stepped up voltage from the transformer.. best way, use 555 timer, transistor & a mosfet. run that to the transformer...

idiots ac stands for alternating current dc stands for dirct current
everyone saying ac and dc current is redundant
redundant = retarded

20 people didn't care for the science and looked at the Goatse.

Terrific. You just invented a voltage amplifier. Now if only you could travel back in time about 120 years ago to before they weren't invented.

goatse! goatse! goatse! goatse!
neon! neon! neon! neon!
everybody singing!

Electric companies will be bankrupt.
Use magnets for more mA!!

Congratulations, you've discovered a way to reduce a battery's life by 99%. Enjoy your three second wall-socket.

And how is the lightning possible :D

Looks a little like a neon goatse...


it would. but batteries are DC voltage...wall sockets are AC

I figured that post #34 would be something else..

post 34 looks like goatse, WIN

I think it's meant to resemble goatse.

Transformers only work for AC-current. You could make 1.5 V from the wall socket, and then rectify it so it resembles a battery. It's way more difficult to make DC current into AC, then transform it up, but it's not impossible...
So yeah I guess successfull troll is successfull


1. It only works if the battery provides an A.C. Current
2. Although the voltage is higher the current is lower.
3. Goatse.

wouldn't it also empty your bvatteries in like a few seconds?


Electric Goatse?!?

200th troll LOL

Wrapping more wire will not make it more powerful; increasing the source of the electricity will.

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