Lucky Ladders

Lucky Ladders
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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570 x 40 x


>9000 required >:


26 people can't walk over a ladder.

Lotteries will go bankrupt!!

het, it could work! ENOUGH SAID!

ending picture is sooooo funny!

way too much fucking math.

An ad called ''I'm Lucky'' by gumgum...

LEGIT! I fapped tot this comic.



In Soviet Russia, ladder goes over you (for luck and winnings).

In fact, you can use the money to buy yourself more ladders so you can put them under a bridge and walk back and forth on said bridge to accumulate insane amounts of luck which nets you enough money to buy billions of ladders and a spaceship so you can make a ring of ladders along the equator and just continously fly over them...

>You have a whooping ammount.

build a machine that spins 10 ladders under you to get your luck faster

Seems legit

Grind up ladder, lay over floor, walk over ground up ladder, each ladder chip can be thought of as a tiny ladder. Luck stat >9000 in no time.

@#880 holy shit

I just tried this and bought ****ing russia

Maybe if the ladder was made out of magnets something would happen?!?

Drops lader on man

You all are a bunch of dumbasses. -.-"

dick or leg?

Luck has no scientific definition, so no criticism.

Need over 9000 luck points.


So you're saying with only 49LP you have 100 win chance with only 2 coupons?

Everything about this is wrong

lol luck isn't even real

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