infinite textmessages!!!!

infinite textmessages!!!!
Uploaded on Feb 28, 2011

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1st combo breaker
You jelly above?

Nice comic. Would you care to share who "forever alone guy" is? I assume he's alone, forever. Is there a background story behind this?

what's the point? ur still forever alone

firsts is mega jelly with no schwoopy loopy

This is not sience!
Fuck you

I own a horse.

@#32350 I ate your horse.

a machine sends the txts
nobody pays
nobody goes bankrupt
problem foreveralonefags?

of course this is TROLL science.
but companies will not go bankrupt bcuse the texmessages is free!! but u will lost part of your forever alone person.

It's a great site altogether. AWESOME TROLLSCIENCE... Altough, why would you want infinite text messages xD

100th trollface
U Mad non-100th Fags?

hugo likes men
so does joo

what is gum gum and why does everyone hate it?

... You don't belong here@#67622

OOOOH YESSS thiz comic just Gave mE the OOHhhh hhh beSt Ogransm in mOuy fiskung lifke esee i cnta vnen rite koogohohohohhh yessss baby ohhhhhhh OOhhHHHHHHoohhHHhhHh!HH!!H!H!!!!oen!!!!icantevenspelloneproperly!!!!!!11!!
Also, my penis feels awesome!

Once you start reading this, you can't turn back. A young girl was murdered on her birthday. She was raped, killed, and thrown in the dumpster by an unknown man while she was walking to friends houses. If you don't copy and paste this to 10 Trollsciences, she will appear next to you at night and kill you. Please do this cause it really works!!!

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