Pony Magnets

Pony Magnets
Uploaded on Feb 27, 2011
Uploader: Germanvuvu

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actually it wouldnot work cause the first person to download it would copy it and publish it for free on 4shared. Problem?

"brotip: Aim gam at girls. Girls are stupider" Rofl


"brotip: Aim gam at girls. Girls are stupider" Rofl

Capcom's smurf game will go bankrupt!

3rd is: ????

this is the first science which is true!

two problems
1) the brotip
2) the missing 3 step thingy

@#33392 no dumbass, theres only 1 problem.
problem: this shit actually works.

It's funny because it's fucking true! Also girls aren't stu--well, we are more willing to spend moneys on useless crap, though.

problem counting fags?

This is true in my world, problem cyberfags?

pay for downloading???
wait! stupidfags do! youre a genius!

lol pony magents for 10000.

Where is number 3)
and also.. Safty!


In my class every girl is moving to high school. Not all the boys are.

Next thing you know, 99% of downloaders are men.

@#32102 lol u mad?

@#32102 u mad bro?

below is jelly

u mad bro?

So i herd u liek mudkipz?

Stupid... Like MyLittlePony? That show is stupid as hell!
Brotip: aim at my little pony, stupider than anything else!


Problem poop face

I replied to myself

no u didnt

snebjibkni snikr snjep

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