Find your mom, strap generator on her. INFINITE ENERGY

Find your mom, strap generator on her. INFINITE ENERGY
Uploaded on Oct 22, 2010

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250 x 29 x


One shoe got the wrong direction -> failed at trolling.

DAMN it could have been a swastika but the top one but the top one need to be facing right to make a swastika damnn.....

panel 2 iz scary!!!!

Official Troll Science Checklist:

Trollface: Yes
Magnets: Where's the magnets?
Loopy Schwoopy Arms: Sort of.
Awesome Idea: Yes
Overall: You're sorta good.


input > output

i approve infinite wanking energy!!!

I would use some MAGNETZ too!

wouldnt it make more sense to mirror the other side of his face so that he doesnt have a retarded ass double jaw

@#16353 so? the shoe will do the moonwalk, u jelly?

inb4 first

sikinoski espiri ...

trollooololo I thought it said simulates wanking

what the ****, a 3-armed troll?


while I'm fairly sure I'm feeding that troll^

friction saps your energy, also any energy you might use will take away from the machine and make it stop working.

Best case scenario, you make a perpetual motion machine in space and sell tickets.

the image shows why it wouldn't work! every 3 steps that thing takes forward, it takes 1 backward! since it has to stop and change directions, it loses all its momentum. you have to turn the top boot the other way, then it'll work.


now you gotta come up with a way to generate infinite energy from wanking

#3255 wins

If the top shoe was positioned correctly, NAZIS.

but my mom isnt made of water

222nd like is I! ;)

@#20594 . P*** off, g*yl*rd

name says it all, slaphead cun*s

@#79839 , you are a FU**ING B*TCH

WTF why did u almost make a swastika are you a nazi?

A swastika wheel? You're a nazi. Nazis suck penises.

Poor energy companies

name misleading

One of the shoes are backwards so the generator won't work. UMAD NAZIFAG???

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