Rocket Ramp

Rocket Ramp
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
Uploader: Admin

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296 x 38 x


20 people can't build ramps

i used a catapult for higher jump

Safety First u jellys. Umad now DomBB?


@fuck you u are secushi can we make snoo snoo?

if you dont use magnets, the ramp would crush itself with it's own weight
u mad?

First cuz nobody claimed it

It sucks that this could work.

this cant work first to build this it cost ****ing lots of metl and everything after that its ****ing huge then it need to be really resistand and higly designed to suport all its own weight and ill let you guess the rest

is that becouse you said to much?

lol cost metal?

It doesn't work because there's no gravity in space...

@#98 welcome to troll science, where everything is possible

use human rocket better

Good luck getting the materials.

(Correct me if I'm wrong) but how will you get back down?

^you don’t

Its not even possible to build a ramp that big.

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