Replacing the sun

Replacing the sun
Uploaded on Oct 21, 2010

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I'll be the bro, I love playing with fire.

for all you oxygen-fags: think, if sun is made of hydrogen and helium, how is it on fire since there's no oxygen? Therefore fire in space is legit

#12254 i hope you are not being serious

dont think jupiter is big enough to replace the sun..

ooooohhhh man too bad you need oxygen for there to be a fire

I fucked a donkey last night.

@#4579 keano reaves

wtf, sad trollface have a nose on the chin.

Combustion =/= Fusion. Nubfags.


If it's too hot or too cold, move Sun 2.0 into correct position with a magnet.

He forgot to use a magnet to attract the sun?

the sun will go bankrupt!


shits legit

rlly smart

Official Troll Science Checklist:
Trollface: yes
Magnets: no!?
Loopy Schwoopy Arms: yes
Awesome Idea: yes, except for ur bro
Overall: its always good when a troll saves the human race, just wait for all non bro's to freeze before u do this

lol upsidedown nose

What about the Bro?


The thing is fake Gas Giants haz no oxigens so no fire can burn there and also u haz to KILL UR /B/RO :(

Or you could just set Jupiter on fire

@#6134 Jupiter was abnormally bright a month or two ago... I'd say look into this possibility.

The bro must perform a hebroic sacrifice.

Everyone outside here that has used something jelly related
has had their shields and stuff backfire on them. They are now jelly.

Hm. The nose of the frowny face is below his mouth.

I tried this and nobody noticed yet...

@#12254 NOT JELLY!!111!!! The sun works with fusion.

Shove with rocket?!?! MAGNETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sees legit, hears legit, Shuts up legit

Poor bro
Stars actually use nuclear fusion, like in A-bombs

Apocalypse noobs will go bankrupt!

I'll light Jupiter! I've saved earth a few dozen times, and I can do it again! Allonz-ey, troll-humans!

brotip: use magnets for better gas-giant-moving


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