Relative Velocity on a Train

Relative Velocity on a Train
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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problem conservation of momentum?


Of course it doesnt work, brilliant idiots, its trolll science

This would work. Anyone tried jumping while you're on a moving platform?? LoL when I landed, I got out of balance. And so did my other teammates (yes, we were in a game). So, if you're stupid enough to do this, gravity won't fuck you. Your feet would. Gravity would only fuck you and if you jumped really high (e.g. As high as the ceiling).


gravity fucks you
do that:
nothing happens

As if americans actualluy understand what a train is.
U mad autofags?

@#37 This is troll science ya newfag.



you are all justin beiber!!!one

Lawl Bieber fail XD


@#37 this is called newtons third law, an object in motion stays in motion.

Why the hell do you have to be in the air for the gravity to be able to fuck you?


sadly, this would not work. you are also going at 300 miles per hour. if the train is going 300 miles per hour, and you jump, and the train accelerates to 350 mph before you hit the ground, then there willl be a noticable change. other than that....... no.

this is why my mom used to tell me not to jump in the back seat.

If the train accelerates or breaks... this actually works.

yeah this is real.

1. get train
2. drive off tracks
3. experience fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

boom headshot

nice reverse sheep in the background or wtf it is?

Problem velocity?

This doesnt work because you already have the motion from the train. Ive tried. Trust me.

Notice that animal doing motion capture can be seen from the train's window.

Problem, inertia?

frame of reference fail, this wont work

@#1481 and WHY, exactly would one WANT to to this?

Troll suicide :(

@#1481 why would you try in the first place?

The fastest train is only 226 mph. Even if you did it's still instant suicide.

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