Troll Economics

Troll Economics
Uploaded on Feb 8, 2011

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Why is DomBB so hated? Is it because he's always first?

im not jelly and the first one will surely be when he'll realize that he's been fuck'd. gonna try this with my momma anywayz.

because hes a troll ps this is way old the older one is better

moneyz will go bankraptu

DomBB said this wouldnt work, so works

We should try this with people who sucks in Math

Deja vu !
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and bad painted

ive seen this last week
i think i explainid why it fails then, so go there and see it. or read what domfag said

You stole it from an older one. Kthxbai.

This has been done.

Repost... :/


dombb is a gay without social life... :/

This has been done recently, so -2310982302 for u.

@#27790 isn't that the big int limit ?

ur bro looses the $20 he puts in the box. u make $10, he looses $10. but why do you care, u get $10


This is mindfuck

I ran the math and the guy buying the box (YOU!) would lose 20$ because, you spend 20$ on putting $ into the box. Then, you spend another 30$ on the box, thus spending a total of 50$ on said BOX when ever you only bring in 40$ so therefore in the end you lose 10$... However it is a good trick for your friends in regular classes :)

the guy above me is a jellyfag

guy above me is jelly cuzz I am better at basic 5th grade math :)

math dude fag is jelly becuz he is in 5th grade, problem elementary fags?

Guy above me is Jelly cuzz he has the math calculation ability of a octopus with its tentacles cut off and doesn't see that I am only a mear 6 months younger and that since I know him in RL I know he is in the #$grade and thus meaning i am in the same grade :)

u jelly gumgum ?

Haha the guy who actually buys the box actually loses 10 dollars.. cos hes buyin his own money

--------------------------------------------------------------everyone above this line is jelly^
everyone under this line is jellyV

summerize teh investment made by teh dude dat buys
40-50= (-10)
da dude that buys da box loses 10 monnies
lern to conut u fakking n00bfag not evenz got enough brainz to be troll. man u fakking embarrasing

I get it but.... Wtf???

Lol. you get 30, he gets 40. trollfail.

This just fukken blew my mind. How the fuck does this work?

My penis got stuck in a car door, then chewed off by a cat

noone has clained it so FIRST!

Lol, I first was like WTF, how does this work?!
I found the awnser:
Your bro lost 10 dollar, because he put 20 dollar in the box, and he bought the box for 30 dollar (20+30=50)
He lost 50 dollar, but the box contained 40 dollar so (50-40=10), your bro lost 10 dollar, but before he figures that out, you're already gone.

@#39668 Do you just go all over the site calling people "n00bfag" and trying to tell them they don't have brains?
To be perfectly honest, this guy can spell a lot better than you can.

The Jelly Shield. Everybody above and below is jelly of my awesomeness. And they lost the game.

ok so there are 2 bros each put 20 in so far bro 1 has -20$bro 2 has -20$bro 1 sells it for 30$ the box has 40$ in so
bro 2 -50 bro 1 10$but + 40$ so total +10$bro 1 -10$ bro 2
oh ya jelly line fags are jelly

lo wasting space

lol wasting more space

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im breathing

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guy 1 inserts 20$
guy 2 inserts 20$
if you made 10$profitz
then you lost 10

@#87908 *assuming the fact that they actually care XD

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