stop global warming

stop global warming
Uploaded on Feb 7, 2011
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Will it blend ?
Jelly ?

"Global Warming: The Complete Briefing - offered right now at"
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we can also go back in time and kill agolf hitler ourselves!

We don't care about global warming... r'lly piss me off. Buy F650 and hummer and turn light on all time
Global warming is like Dombb ... useless.
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-burn yourself
problem self warming?

DomBB now has second account, JoobBB! If we try and fight DomBB, he will just multiply! We have to do something to get rid of him!!!

magnets, maybe.

you lost.

Hippiefags will go bankrupt :D

brotip: if you want to stop global warming turn off ur heat:P

cliche algore is on troll science

That sounds pretty fuckin true to me


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