The plastic surgeons will go bankrupt

The plastic surgeons will go bankrupt
Uploaded on Jan 31, 2011

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ugly dads will go bankrupt!

@#25513 Joube spotted


i'm looking at you

error comments are under matanice

If you kick him he won't have sex that day and you will not exist. U mad?

Use quantum entanglement to modify the DNA in his sack

problem paradoxes?

i am a paradox!

I don't think your dad can pork anymore after using brotip 101

Ugly dads will go bankrupt...OF SPERM!

where's the generator for the time machine?

eugenics will go bankrupt
genes will go bankrupt
testicles will go bankrupt

no more Maury show either

Troll problem facial shops?

But even if the sperm does come in da hole[Giggity]
The sperm will replace you,you will not exist.
You jelly?

How do we create the time machine?

Lel. B. I. T. C. H.

@#25548 uhhh someone else will have sex with the mother then u exist.


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