Trollin at the sales

Trollin at the sales
Uploaded on Jan 29, 2011
Uploader: Cheezkak

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stores will go bankrupt u jelly first fags

That's classic !
U mag guys who put what i buy on a bags fags.
Ads by GumGum.


it is a good idea buy two by the price of one, then give one back and ask for your money, the other was free. repeat for infinite profit!
where had i seen that...?


This would be funnier if people didn't actually do it. Buy two for one, return one, free Jelly.
You jelly, trollsciencemaker?

Problem, shopping-fags?

well i am furst!!!

2 for the price of 1.
1 for the price of half.

+1 for ingenuous

#25319 that was in DornBB i think.

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