Troll Juice

Troll Juice
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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I've actually thought of this one before. It would be awesome.

will do

Trolljuice well go bankrupt!!!

(psssst-you wouldn't fall out because humans are buoyant)

delicious trolljuice... made of delicious trolls!!



How the fuck did troll's tongue get through his teeth like that?

You guys are retarded. Yeah, you'd need a vacuum for this to work with water, but this is troll juice we're talking about.


you'd have 3 choices, 1. swim down to breath and fall out
2. swim up into the vaccum of air to breath (where there is little or no air)
0r 3.don't swim either way and drown.


Hatorz gonna hate

@#34976 Ever considered wearing a SCUBA tank, you newfag?

a good trollface camic has:
trollface:got them
magnets: no D:
shwoopy arms: WHY AN'T NO SHWOOPY LOOPY ARMssss
Overall:5/10 :I


no magnets, no schwoopy loopy, you fail, sir....

This could actually work

It could

i would love to try it out i just dont like that 100m drop....

you guy are stupi this dont work

ignore that the weight of the "pool" is gonna break through the water tension, this idea is awesome

needs vacuum for this to work, so it won't work with a fan :(

Vacuum, this means you'd die even if you got it to work.

Nou, I've done this with insects and they didn't die.

Problem, vacuum?

i could really go for some troll juice right now...

Best pool ever.


It would actually work, u just couldn't swim in that though, the water isn't Jelly :P (un less u get water to push u up)

You have to make it vertical otherwise vacuum cant hold the whole water

you're gonna fall out :/

@#4231 Not if you keep swimming.
You might be able to do it if you could get something with a higher water tension. Like tar or something. But that might not be so fun to swim in?

This is absolutely hilarious. but if anyone cares, this won't work because water's surface tension isn't great enough to seal the vacuum and hold it like it does in a narrow straw.

In real life - you'd fall out easily.

troll juice tastes good

Noone called it so..... FIRST!
Antijelly screen activated

What is troll jius made of



@#29433 its trolljuice. problem, waterfags?

This site is quite the entertaining place for many to converse in a manner usually considered rejected by the public, however, many things that have been rejected by the public, such as certain words, actions, and things like the movement of bowels and bowel winds (see Benjamin Franklin's "fart proudly" essay) can be used here without being unwanted and not respected.

@#42181 Eventually you'll run out of air.

There is no such thing as trolljuice you idiot

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