Time Travel

Time Travel
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The concept of time does not exist anyway. It is a human metaphor based on repetitive events in nature :/

If you go fast enough you stop the rotation of the earth,
Congratulations, you have frozen time!
You jelly, timefags?

Anti-Jelly Mirror

I've seen variations this one so many times I don't know which is the original.

fail.. this has been done by superman
be original next time fag

There is a date line at the -12/12 border.

The watch on your wrist is not the actual time. Going around the world just changes where the sun is relative to people. You are always going forward in time.

The first person.... Don't spout theories as if they were laws. Learn your limits, and learn your motherfucking physics.

By doing this you won't actually travel in time, you will still be the same age
The only real way of travelling in time is by making a jet/train faster than light, and then walking it, thus defying the law of physics that there is nothing faster than light, so you will be forced to slow down and thus travelling in time

@#15301 youwin.

Actually from your point of view, the Earth appears to be frozen.


i love the trollosaurus-rex! all green and shit....

Timetravel depicted on the picture would transport the traveler into future as he goes from "earlier" timezone to "later" one. In order to go back in time, traveler should go eastwards.

It can also fix broken teacups like superman did!

You don't have to go back in time if you can convince everybody else to go forward, because time is relative.

wht last pic is jus win

you're still going forward in time despite traveling against the rotation of the earth.

i think you would repeat the day instead so you would freeze time instead.... weird

Love the Trollosaurus.

nice troll scientist. <:OE

The position of the sun is what makes a different time in a different time zone. Not literally time itself. The hour earlier thing is stupid. If I had a friend in a different time zone, and we were talking, we would be talking at the same time, not an hour apart.

if you go too fast you might cause the earth to spin
oh shit

Trollasaurus reks is a win

actually there is an easier way to do this
Step 1) Go to the north pole
Step 2) Take 1 step towards Kansas
Step 3) Take 3 steps around north pole! You've gone back an entire day!

@#6230 well no you just walked around the earth


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^everyone above except #17199 is jelly

@#15301 wrong. time is space.

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The International Date Line is a hoax, everyone

Earth rotates at about 1000 mph. The onl plane faster than that is the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow, which was cancelled from the Canadian air force.

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